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Introducing – Up from Nothing: Getting Your Mind Right.

Unpacking the Lack of Black Wealth

Making Smart Sexy Our Untold Story

JHB Straight Talks

How to Raise $1 Million in Capital
How You Come Up: Positive vs. Negative People in 2020
The Really Bad Advice the Wealthy Give to the Stuggling Class on Homeownership
DEFUND THE POLICE? Retire Them – Or Rewire Them. Let’s Discuss.
Origins of the Word Millionaire: It Will Blow Your Mind.
What Dumb Looks Like
Talking Success Into Our Kids
Black Wealth in America: Explaining 400 Years in 15 Minutes
Is America “Farm Clubbing” Black Kids? Is This a Good Thing?
Why We Have to Be Smarter Than Our Much Deserved ‘Anger and Outreach’ Alone
His Name Was George Floyd with John Hope Bryant
Minority America. Black America. We have Been Here Before
A Statement on the Murder of Geroge Floyd, The Rioting in Our Nation & Where We Go From Here Part I
Why Smart People (And Relationships) Fail. Watch…This One!
Black Card. Revoked
Is It Freedom We Want, or it Just Selfishness?
Home-Based Entrepreneurship
Why America Is ‘Not’ Going to Fail
Civil Rights Icon Ambassador Andrew Young. Listen and Be Encouraged
Honor Yourself Today. Reclaim Your I-Am-Some-Body-Ness
COVID-19 Explaining This Crisis, Economically
COVID-19 Disproportionately Impacting Underserved Groups in the U.S.
The Unknown Silver Lining – Hidden Within the #COVID19 Crisis
COVID-19: Don’t Freak Out. Focus, Educate Yourself and Prepare.
History Doesn’t Feel Historic When You’re Sitting In It
Don’t Get Fooled By Nice Shiny Objects: Setting the Record Straight
Love Yourself, Perfectly Imperfect! The Problem with Perfection
Gentrification: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even
Promising the New Color is Green
Skills You Can Take to the Bank
It’s Alright If They Count You Out
Next Big Economic Risk in America
Positive vs. Negative People in 2020
Two Things You Control
How To Come Up
How to Manage Envious & Toxic People in Your Life
We Must Stop Being Spectators to Success
What Club Do You Belong To?
A Crisis in Higher Education
Suing for a Living
Being Nice Can Build Wealth
JHB Rewind: Silver Rights, and Mastering Your Own Credit Score
JHB Rewind: Even Thugs, Don’t Like ‘Thug Life’
Unpacking Why Black People Succeed in Sports and Entertainment
You’ve Got to be Obsessed to Win. Why Hustle Works.
Dad Just Wanted to have Fun. Mom Was Focused.
Rewind: What’s Wrong With Black Folks Politics?
Success is a Habit. Here Are a Few…
Limiting Your Liability
Can a Drug Dealer also be an Inspiration?
Rewind: How to Disagree
Rewind: Don’t Be Captured by your Pain
How to Grind – Success in 10
Oppurtunity Where you Least Expect It
Rewind: Stop Being Grumpy
Love and Success is Work
Rewind: What Kind of Bird Do You Want to Be
Rewind: Dreaming and Achieveing Through Pain
Moment Series: The Moment When I Knew I was not Poor
Is it Wealth or WELL-th
Solving Poverty in Africa
How You Come Up: Let your 9-5 Finance your 5-9 dream
Building Your Empire
Self Confidence vs. Self Esteem: They are Different
My Three Most Important Leadership Rules
Success is “Not” an Accident
What a REAL Black Man Looks Like…. Live. Here. Now.
Self Love = Inner Wealth
What is John Hope Bryant about? What IS The Silver Rights Movement?
Why Racism is Scientifically Stupid. We Are All 99.9he Same
Life Lesson #1. My First Job. My First Business.
The Making of an Entrepreneur. Straight From Me to You.
How You Come Up: Don’t Profile. Profit.
Becoming a Member of the NBA
How You Come Up: You’ve Got To Be A Little Crazy
Quitting is Unacceptable
How to Close Your First Big Deal
Building Wealth vs Making Money
Black Economic Empowerment
What Matters In Addition to ‘Black Lives Matter’
You’re Told You Can’t Own. You Can’t Dream.
Lessons in Leadership: Why People Like Me Irritate People
Focused. Achievement.
John Hope Bryant Live
The 5 Pillars of Success and Failure
Two Ways to Make Money. Make More or Spend Less
How to Invest– Made Easy!
Building Wealth Can Be Simple… Here’s How!
Why What Most People Say — Simply Does Not Matter
Why Buy a Home Now and Where You Need to Consider Moving to.
Success Tip: You’ve Got to be Just a Little Crazy
The Memo – Who’s Coming to Save You?
Your Success Tip for the Day
My thoughts on Robert Smith’s Generous Donation to 2019 Morehouse Grads
The Memo on Rappers, Professional Athletes and Entertainers
The Value of Car Insurance
Cashflow vs. Networth
How Wealth and Poverty Speak Differently
John Hope Bryant Live
Opening the Wealth Door
A Message on Opening the Wealth Door
Business is Not Personal
Put Some Respect on Your Name
The Memo on Networth
How to Deal with Toxic People
A Secret to Christmas that will Increase Your Wealth
Poor Folks Rules to Investing in Bitcoin
Test Driving Bitcoin for You. Proving a Theory
Bitcoin and Blockchain for Dummies
What 2,000 Meetings a Year Will Get You
Why Smart People Fail. It’s Often Not for Reasons you Think
The 90M Home Bet — JAY-Z and Beyoncé AND Financial Literacy?
What’s Your Conversation
One Word – Relentless
Getting The Memo on Race – Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Engaged in the UK
One Word Series: Courage
Self Made. The Memo on Being the Entrepenuer
New Black Tech Billionaires
The Memo Quote of the Day: Why You Need This to Survive Now
Power Role Modeling – Why it Matters Most
Here is a thought of the day from The MEMO. One of the 5 Laws of Your Economic Liberation
Here’s What You Don’t Do in the Midst of a Storm
The Memo Master Class – Separatig Wealth From Poverty
What the NFL Scandal with Jemele Hill is Really About
The Memo in South Africa – What South Africa Needs Now
The Memo Making a Difference on the Ground
John Hope Bryant’s Bringing the Heat to Youth
Become Dangerous
Raising Your First 5k For Your Idea
If Bill Gates were Black It Might Prove 100ore Powerful
Frederick Douglass the Abolitionist and the Capitalist
Living Fast Making Stupid Moves
Are White People Smarter than Black People
Open Source Empowerment, A Software Upgrade for a Generation
Introducing Black, and White, Economic Slavery
A War That Black and White America Can Win – Together
Just Do It. Persistence is Half of Failure, and Success
Wealth: Keep Driving Until You Find the Location/OnRamp Named You
Financial Literacy and a 750M Lottery Jackpot
Dr. King’s Last Airport Arrival Civil Rights, to Silver Rights
One Word – Foolishness
Success Series. The Different Ways the Wealthy and the Not Wealthy Speak
Crushed to Earth, We Must All Learn to Rise. Here’s How
The Errors of Capitalism? Real Talk
Know Where You Are From. Know Your DNA
Building Wealth Without College
The Healing of America. The America I See
One Word Series – Anger
The Advantages of Being Poor
A Top 10 of Sucess. “Real Success is…”
When the World Tells You No…
Live Video: One Word Series – Can’t. Impossible
Everyone A Capitalist?
Half of Success is…
The Poverty of Depression
The (Bad) Economics of Rioting
Only Love Conquers Hate
Rainbows After Storms. Let Your Pain be Your Liberator
The Middle Class Secret
Cash For You Now. Building Wealth for You and Yours Later
Inner-City Gold
Manage Your Responses. It Determines Your (Quality of) Life
A New (Mental) Narrative
What I’m Building. How to Achieve a 700-Credit Score Part 1
Do You Need a Mentor or a Sponsor?
Did You Get the Memo?
How to Destroy a Brand. British Airways
Financing Your Own Demise/Downfall
Hoodwinked in the Hood: Stop Accepting Bad Customer Service
How to Become Self-Made? Part 1
Stop Deputizing & Co-Signing Hate
The Wrong Fight – Is a Fight
One Word Series – Victim
Topic Was So Hot it Over Heated the Phone!
Are You Running a Strategic or A Tactical Household?
From Mad as Hell, To as Propserous as You Can Be
Is Internet Access More Vital Than Basic Education?
How Not to Get Fired
Is Confidence an Asset?
Can We Stop the Crazy Talk, So We Can Build Some Wealth?
How to Take Your Life Back Testimonials
Live Your Best Life Series – ‘Stress’ – Without Worry
3 Ways to Live
Does Keeping Your Word Build Wealth?
My Biggest Failures
Momma’s Wisdom: Financial Literacy From the Elders
How Entrepreneurs Change the World: Jane Wurwand
Creating Time for Yourself
One Word Series “Worrying”
From Running Streets, To Owning Them
The One Memo That Black Folks Missed
Become Empowered
The Truth About Immigrants American
The Rodney King Riots Part 1
The Wrong Kind of Relationship Capital ‘Bad All By Yourself’
The Road Less Traveled Set Yourself Free the Road to Success Part II
The Set Up. The Lie. And Overcoming the Stigma of Race
The Road Less Traveled Your Road to Success Try This
What it Takes to Succeed?
Where Are Jobs Going, and Why? Enter the Uber Economy
What Happened to Black Banks in America Part II
What Success Takes?
What Are You Passionate About? Can You Live Without Passion? Is Passion a Form of Wealth?
Where Our History Turned the First Black Hotel in DC in 1871
What I’m Building HOPE Inside as a New Freedman’s Bank
Where President Kennedy Was Killed
Why Private Prisons Are a Good Example of ‘Bad Capitalism’
Women Silver Rights Leaders and You!
Why 700 Credit Score Communities Don’t Riot
Why Some People Fail Surviving Skills, vs. Thriving Skills
Why Bullies Go Broke Being a Bad Person, is Also Bad Economics
The Making of Modern Atlanta – Straight Talk & Book Signing With Ambassador Andrew Young
The Decade of the Woman, and Women Entrepreneurship
3 Ways to Live Set Yourself Free
Black America, What’s Your Plan? We Need One
1 in 6 Black Young Men Out of Work or in Prison in America
From Homeless to CEO – by Age 23
Black America Needs a Business Plan…Now!
Even Thugs Don’t Like a ‘Thug Life’
Where Jobs Come From & Where They’re Going
Meet The New Young Black Rode Models
Explaining the ‘American Conspiracy’
Silver Right Solutions: “1 in 6 Black Men Are Either Out of Work or in Prison in America”
How Black Entrepreneurship Can Take Our Community Back
Attention New College Graduates, Parents, and Dropouts
No More Excuses – Live Your Life
My 2 Billion Children
Learning to Love What You Hate
How to WIN – at Everything!
Q & A With John Hope Bryant
African American Staying Power: How Black America
Talking Oslo, Norway, Extremism, and Dr. King’s Last Dream
The Artist Named Prince and 2 Business Lessons For Your Own Life
Security and Prosperity Live Together
The Next Big Wealth Move in the U.S.
What’s Wrong With Black Folks Politics?
Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill
(How) Honesty Pays
The 3 P’s of Success
How to Get Your Money
Stop Being Grumpy
Wealth Comes From 4 Places
Love (and Success) is Work
How to Disagree
Dr. King’s Final (Unfinished) Movement
Financial Literacy Month, The Freedman’s Bank, and You
What’s REAL Slavery Today?
Don’t Be Captured by Your Pain
How to Grind. Success in 10
Moving From Chump to Champ
Dreaming, and Achieving, Through the Pain
My Three Most Important Leadership Rules
The History That No One Has Told You..About Us!
What Kind of Bird Are You?
The South Africa Problem…In One Word
My Embarrassment – Your Life Lesson
Success Is Not An Accident
Immigrants in America. Nazis in Brussels.
Two Words to Ban From your Life
What A Real Black Man Looks Like
The Economic Myth of the Pro Athlete
Racism is Scientifically Stupid
The Empowerment of Women Part 1
700 Credit Score Communities Don’t Riot
The Two Big Lies about Wealth and Rich People Revealed
The Good Fight! Love vs. Fear
Live Your Life. Today!
It’s Time to make Smart “Sexy” Again
Rejecting Poverty Embracing Real Wealth
What Matters in addition to “Black Lives Matter”
What’s Really Holding African-Americans Back?
What’s Really Holding African-Americans Back? Maybe Not What You Think.
On Leadership: How To Quit Your Job And How Not To Quit